Structural Drying

Structural and Commercial Drying

The key to mold control is moisture control. And moisture or humidity are not always visible to the naked eye. An affected structure such as floors or walls may look and feel dry, but resistant moisture can continue to damage your property beyond what you can sense. Many building materials used inside residential or commercial properties saturate with water because they are porous. Drywall and wood retain moisture very easily and over time, these materials will expand, warp and buckle from water absorption, causing permanent damage. If you have been a victim of water damage and water has been extracted from your property already, you will need additional assistance to completely dry the area and fully remove moisture. Professional water restoration needs to take place to avoid structural damage and mold growth.

Drying and Dehumidifying Services

It's very important to remove any remaining moisture from the home before it can cause permanent damage. Our team of water damage specialists will scientifically evaluate the moisture of the area using special meters and equipment that can detect potential hidden and hard to see moisture inside wall cavities and attics. If moisture or water damage is detected, our team will use industry standard equipment to extract the remaining moisture from the wood and building materials and create dry air circulation.

When water damage is detected, a mold inspection from a licensed and certified mold assessor is required in order to declare the premises mold free

Our main goal is for you and your property to be safe. That's why it is very important we ensure the moisture levels in floors, walls, and ceiling is normal. Mold has been the cause of many diseases and even death for people all over the world. In late 2009, American celebrity Brittany Murphy died in a million dollar home due to black mold. That's why it's important we ensure the moisture levels in floors, walls, and ceiling is normal. Our team will review the area and verify that everything is as it was prior to the damage was detected before we call the job DONE.

At Liberty Extraction & Drying, we believe in a scientific approach to detect moisture and remove it from your home. Call us today at (786) 429-3200, or fill out the contact form provided. We'll help you protect and restore your home!

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