Odor Removal and Deodorization

After water or fire and smoke damage, your property will most likely retain some unpleasant odors: either that involving smoke damage or the reek of damp. At Liberty Extraction & Drying we are experts in residential and commercial property deodorization. Our team assesses home damage for structural safety, as well as, aesthetic and sensory issues. Part of the property restoration process is the deodorization of the affected areas. Our team uses meters and air quality tests to gauge the level of damage and odor source. Our deodorization process consists on removing those components which create the odor (mildew, soot) and also removing harmful allergens.

Act Quick if your Property has been Affected by Fire or Water Damage

Seeing your home or business affected by fire or flood can be an extremely traumatizing event. However, it is extremely important to act quickly and decisively in order to prevent further damage. While people do understand the damage that water and flood can do when it comes to molds and bacteria, far fewer understand that smoke and soot residue is extremely corrosive and will destroy even the hardest of materials if it is left to sit and penetrate.

The Liberty Process

Since odors can be created by various issues or sources, our team uses different treatment methodologies depending on the type of damage. Mold and soot will each have their own type of deodorizer and deodorizing methods to alleviate the smell. Our technicians will not leave your home until the odors have been removed and the cause of the odors neutralized. Ozone generators and thermal foggers with a combination of deodorization and proven cleaning methods will be used to guarantee smoke and mildew odor does not return.

All of our technicians have been trained in restoration methods and technologies, and have been through certifying agency programs such as the RIA and SCRT. Call Liberty Extraction & Drying today at (786) 429-3200, or fill out the service request form. We've got you covered!

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