What You Need to Know about the Dangers of Mold

What You Need to Know about the Dangers of Mold

When it comes to mold in the home, it’s important to remember that looks can be deceiving. Your home may be clean and well kept, but what’s lurking in the basement, walls, ductwork, floors, or ceilings, could be causing you harm. Mold growth may not always be obvious, but if it’s present in your home, you want to contact a professional mold remediation company. The dangers of mold extend beyond cosmetic issues, as it can be causing serious and sometimes fatal health problems.

Common health issues associated with mold exposure

One of the most obvious and common signs of mold exposure is breathing issues. It can cause asthma attacks, respiratory problems, coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, and shortness of breath, just to name a few. Depending on the severity of the mold growth, you could experience lung infections, wheezing, headaches, muscle aches, etc. It’s nothing to take lightly, and if anyone in the home has a compromised immune system, it could be made much worse. Mold spores spread easily throughout homes, so even if you think that the problem is confined to one area, like the basement, those spores can actually make their way into other areas.

The most likely places for mold to appear

Mold needs moisture to thrive, and it can commonly be found in basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. If you’ve ever had a flood due to inclement weather, or even just a small leak in your plumbing system, you could have mold. That’s why it is so important to call in the experts after experienced flood and water damage, whether it’s from heavy rains, a burst pipe, a damaged roof, or a backed up septic system.

Mold spores can actually be present in the home for a long time before they can start to infest and thrive. We often find mildew in the dampest areas, like in the bathroom, where it can be difficult to keep humidity and moisture levels down. If you notice a musty smell in any area of the home that just won’t go away, there’s a very good chance that mold is growing. It’s not enough to simply mask the smell; you need to make sure that it’s taken care of in order to ensure that the air in your home is as safe and healthy as possible.

When to call in the experts

If you do find mold in your home, you want to call in a professional mold removal expert as soon as possible. Save yourself the time, money, and effort of attempting to clean away the mold on your own. As a professional service, we have the right equipment and the skills needed to get rid of the problem safely. You want to make sure that the mold is completely gone, rather than simply spot treating the area where it’s visible. This can mean removing damaged carpeting, drywall, floorboards, and ceiling tiles. A mold remediation service knows what to look for, and how to go about fixing the problem, once and for all.

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