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What Happens After a Crime? How Professional Crime Scene Cleanup is Carried Out

One thing that you won’t see on any of those popular crime dramas on TV is the crime scene cleanup that happens after the investigation has begun. Most crime scenes contain biohazard material, which includes blood and other bodily fluids. As you can imagine, this isn’t something that can be taken care of with bleach and a scrub brush. Only a professional service should tackle the task of biohazard remediation.

After a crime or traumatic incident

Once a crime has occurred and been reported to the authorities, law enforcement will come to the scene to gather evidence. When they have completed their work at the scene, then it needs to be cleaned up properly. It’s especially important in public areas.

Traumatic events such as assaults, murders, and suicides need to be cleaned with care. There is often a great deal of blood spilled, and there can be other bodily fluids present, as well. It’s not uncommon for these scenes to have urine and fecal matter. While blood breaks down over time, it’s dangerous in the moments immediately following an incident, since it can contain diseases and blood-borne pathogens. The affected area has to be sanitized according to strict regulations. Hazardous waste also needs to be disposed of properly.

Crime Scene Cleanup Equipment and Cleaning Supplies

Each type of crime scene contains its own set of challenges. They can range from a meth lab to a murder, and a skilled crew needs to be properly protected. This means head to toe safety gear should be worn, which is made out of a non-porous material. Cleaning supplies include heavy duty disinfectants and sanitizers, which are the same type used in hospitals and medical facilities. An enzyme killing solvent will kill off viruses and bacteria. In some cases, carpet cleaning is necessary, and heavy duty deodorizers may be used to eliminate any lingering odors.

The cleanup crew doesn’t always know what they’re dealing with until they arrive at the scene. Depending on the incident that occurred, they may have a very tough task to carry out. They have to be prepared with all of the gear and equipment, since every crime scene is different.

Other biohazard materials

Another task that should only be taken care of by skilled professionals with the proper safety gear is sewage cleanup. If the sewer system has backed up on your property, you probably won’t even want to stick around, due to the smell and the mess. Exposure to raw sewage is hazardous to your health. Call in restoration experts who have the proper protective gear and the necessary equipment to handle the job. It’s far too risky to attempt to deal with it on your own.

Ensuring that a crime scene cleanup or sewage cleanup is carried out correctly is essential. As a restoration expert, I understand the importance of following proper procedures when carrying out this type of work. Make sure that the professional service you choose has the experience, skills, and training to carry out a biohazard cleanup.